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“Hunting Lana’i is a completely different experience than anywhere else in the world. Not only can you snorkel, golf, and hunt all on the same day, but each activity is world class. But what was most impressive was the hunting culture found on the island. From the guides to the locals, everyone embraces the hunting lifestyle and are highly knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help and share hunting stories. It was refreshing to be surrounded by such a hunting-friendly environment.” — Rafe Nielsen, Director of Marketing and Communications for Browning

“My axis hunt on Lana’i with Pineapple Brothers was an absolute dream! The entire trip was the perfect combination of great hunting and a tropical vacation fit for hunters and non-hunters alike. We brought our entire family. My dad and I both tagged out and saw over 800 deer in two days – WOW!  The hotel, beach, food and people are all incredible. I can’t wait to go back!” — Eva Shockey

“From the guides to the island culture to the unbelievable scenery, hunting Lana’i with the Pineapple Brothers is unmatched. If you’re a bowhunter, it’s a can’t-miss trip. Why? Axis deer might be the world’s finest table fare, they’re incredibly hard to stalk and the island is teeming with them. It all adds up to a most memorable experience.” — Ben O’Brien, The Hunting Collective

Aloha Axis Deer

“If the hit ’80’s TV show Fantasy Island had a hunting episode, it surely would have been shot on the Hawaiian island of Lana’i. Imagine untouched beaches combined with pristine tropical wilderness and thousands of axis deer, and you have a paradise readymade for the traveling hunter.” — Petersen’s Hunting, October 2018

“This is one of my all time favorite destinations. Amazing animals, guides and first class accommodations.” — John Dudley, JDA International/Nock On

Season 3, Episode 8: Sunshine and Spots

“In filming 6 seasons of my show I’ve hunted on 6 different continents, in a myriad of places, for dozens of different species. In all of my journeys, my time on Lana’i with Pineapple Brothers sits at the top of my list of favorites. The experience that they have put together isn’t just a hunting trip… it’s a vacation that involves hunting. My wife joined me on my trip to Lana’i, and while I hunted, she sat on the beach with a drink in her hand. At night, we enjoyed the Four Seasons’ unbelievable restaurants. We got a couples massage one afternoon after I got back from hunting. It is truly a 5-star luxury experience. 

When it comes to the hunting, it’s unmatched. There is simply no better place to hunt wild axis deer in the world. Period.

The best part is that it’s all organized in a stress-free way. No detail is left to chance. The result is truly a one-of-a-kind combination of hunting and relaxation that you will never forget. I can’t wait to get back!” — Nick Hoffman, Nick’s Wild Ride

“There is far more game than people on Lana’i–and it’s all free-range. The hunting is great, the accommodations are exceptional and the staff makes sure your experience is memorable. Hunting with Pineapple Brothers Lana’i is sweet!” — J. Scott Olmsted, Editor in Chief of American Hunter

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“Don’t think you must trek to Africa or even Argentina to find the ultimate sporting adventure. Turns out, hunting paradise resides on Lana’i, and the natives are friendly. Heck, everyone’s American and your cell phone still works! Your wife can sip cool libations by the pool while you chase the best-tasting big game animal in the world amid mountains surrounded by crashing surf. I guarantee nobody’s going home disappointed! Indeed, hunting with Pinapple Brothers is hunting in paradise.” — Jeff Johnston, Freelance Outdoor Writer

Treasure Island: Hunting King Kamehameha’s deer in a little slice of paradise

“After my first morning in Hawaii, I was a bit shell-shocked — few tourists, unmatched scenery, miles of open beaches, and unimaginable opportunity for fishing, diving, and hunting.” — Wheels Afield, Spring 2018

“A hunt of a lifetime! Everything here is first class – the guides, the resort, the food and the hunting fields. Pineapple Brothers have created an amazing locale for hunting axis deer and mouflon ram.” — Pat Kern

“Unfortunately, my work demands only allow for limited opportunities to enjoy my passion for hunting. So when the opportunity came to visit Lana’i and hunt with the Pineapple Brothers, I decided to make it happen. It’s hard to put into words an experience so special. God-willing, I’ll be back again… and again!” — Chris Cox