The Island

The smallest of Hawaii’s inhabited islands, Lana’i is both ruggedly beautiful and luxuriously indulgent.

The moment you step foot on Lana’i, it’s clear that it’s different from any other Hawaiian Island. Nicknamed the Pineapple Island due to its past as the world’s largest pineapple plantation, Lana’i has an abundance of untouched beauty. In the uplands, you’ll find mist-shrouded mountains and forests of Cook Island pines. White-sand beaches and red lava cliffs dominate the coastline, while clear Pacific waters host a rich marine ecosystem. There are no stop lights, and many of the island’s landmarks are best explored with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

A stay on Lana’i feels like vacationing on your own private island.

For centuries the people lived sustainably, growing and catching all they needed from the land and ocean. Axis deer were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in the 1860’s; a gift from Hong Kong to Hawaii’s King Kamehameha V. A short while later, the locals introduced Axis deer to Lana’i where they now number 20,000-30,000. Today more than half of the people living on Lana’i are avid hunters who, along with Pineapple Brothers, are part of the critical game management strategy that ensures the island’s delicate ecosystem remains healthy.

Added to the abundance of natural resources, Lana’i is rich in tradition and history. Residents love to “talk story” with friends, and share the lore of the island with guests. There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the culture of the island’s friendly and gracious people. Whether visiting local boutiques in the charming village of Lana’i City, taking a class at Lana’i Art Center, or exploring petroglyphs and the Garden of the Gods, there is something for everyone. 

Despite its unpolished landscapes, Lana’i has all the makings of a luxurious retreat. Guests can indulge in world-class dining and amenities at some of the most lavish resorts Hawaii has to offer. From oceanside golf, spa treatments and yoga, to archery, snorkeling and horseback riding, Lana’i has it all. 

Learn more about this unforgettable island at, or download the Lanai Guide app, a great tool for exploring the island. This GPS-enabled app directs you to historic sites, hikes and scenic drives.